I name the UK’s first Zeitgeist

Peter Joseph’s 2007 film ‘Zeitgeist; the movie’ is gaining cult status amongst Britain’s young people.

It projects the world through the eyes of a 94 year old American who reflects on modern society and comes to a conclusion that

“This shit’s got to go.”

‘Zeit’ is German for ‘time’ and ‘geist’ means ‘spirit’ although there is no exact English translation. Thus ‘Zeitgeist’ means, as used by the Movement, ‘what matters?’

The world isn’t working: social values have collapsed, economic principles don’t make sense…’what matters?’

Is it possible that Zeitgeist is not a philosophy but a person. Perhaps the powers that be (not you Dave, a deity somewhere) have willed that a lurid spirit lurks amongst us dispensing wild, potty ideas that Conservative MPs adore. This is because it keeps them in power, maintains their fabulous salaries and expenses pending their £64,000 tax-free payments and mouth watering pensions when they are ousted by Labour at the next General Election.

(Note to editor: there is no risk of legal action – they are having another recess).

If this is true, who is Britain’s first Zeitgeist? There are a number of contenders in Downing Street and Westminster but….

Today I name Him: step forward Vince Cable.

Your task, as decreed by the Zeitgeist Movement, is to make such a hash of your job as Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills that Britain’s Enterprising Businesses receive no effective help whatsoever and Dave and Nick spend hours and days wondering what to do about you. As the American said…….

Mr. Angry is angry

The Governor of the Bank of England (aka Dr. Andrew Sentance) is suggesting three possible interest rate rises in 2011. This is to cure, incurable inflation, which is coming from world demand for energy and foods. Wage demands remain modest or non-existent. Wrong policy, wrong result.

Mr. Angry is so angry that he is thinking of emigrating to the United States where their enlightened fiscal policy is encouraging growth and recovery.

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