Hallelujah – an initiative

At last! Somebody has a good idea. The Conservatives – no. The Opposition – no. Vince Cable – you are joking.

This idea comes from the City’s small-cap sector. Stand up and be applauded Mr. Gavin Oldham.

Gavin is the boss of Sharemark (owned by Share Plc) which is the simple, flexible, low cost stock market for smaller companies. He is smart and is the first to realise that HM Treasury’s intended implementation of the amended Prospectus Directive (ahead of the European Commission’s deadline of 1 July 2012) has created a real opportunity. The amended Directive will allow an increase in the exemption limit for public share offers from 2.5 million euros to 5 million euros. In simple terms it makes raising funds for smaller companies much easier.

Sharemark is launching a Primary Fundraising Service. It is innovative, simple and structured in such a way that it provides a channel for funds to be raised by offering new shares to retail clients. This function will be offered by The Share Centre (also part of Share Plc). There is corporate finance and legal support available.

The Service is open to UK registered smaller companies across all industry sectors. They should have been trading for three or more years. AIM and PLUS Market companies can use the service to complete secondary fundraisings and to operate a dual-trading on the Sharemark trading platform.

Companies wishing to find out if they qualify for the Service are required to complete a pre-selection process with Lesmoir-Gordon, Boyle & Co. Ltd. for an initial fee of £2,450 + VAT.

For more information phone 01296 43 94 32 or email info@sharemark.co.uk


Peter ‘Dragon’ Jones – still no apology

In recent weeks the National Enterprise Academy (“NEA”) has been receiving some unwelcome publicity. This is because the former Chief Executive Tom Bewick had resigned a week into the job because he had concerns. The Department for Business has instigated a second inquiry having previously cleared Mr. Jones.

Enterprise Britain can only comment on what it reads in the Financial Press. We wish to make it clear that we have no opinion on the outcome of the matter. However it was with interest that EB read this weekend that The Manchester College has severed its ties with the NEA. This is thought to mean that the NEA will concentrate on its Amersham campus location. When this writer visited the NEA, on an Open Day that wasn’t, he was told that Mr. Jones had never been there.

He has now!

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