Gordon Bennett..er..Brown, Dave sinks lower and lower

We, at Enterprise Britain, have long given up hope that this coalition government will have any positive ideas on how to encourage growing businesses to prosper. The Prime Minister is generally too pre-occupied with delivering meaningless speeches and wrecking the National Health Service.

However we are entitled to expect our politicians to back the United Kingdom.

Due to unusual circumstances there is a vacancy for a new head of the International Monetary Fund (“IMF”). It is a highly important and prestigious position. We have a superb candidate in Gordon Brown. However he needs national support.

Dave and his pal George have no intention of doing that: they have wrecked Gordon Brown’s chances. A golden opportunity to improve Britain’s prestige on the world stage is being missed.

The Prime Minister, using intemperate language, said that the former prime Minister was responsible for all the UK’s problems and was not the appropriate choice. George fancies Christine Lagarde and thinks it will be good to have a woman at the top of the IMF.

In an interview with Andrew Marr shown on BBC One on Sunday (22 May) President Obama made specific reference to the role of the UK during the 2008 – 2009 global financial crisis. The European leaders have also paid their tribute to Gordon Brown’s leadership during this period.

David Cameron is said to like reading neuro-economic books such as ‘The Black Swan’ (Penguin: 2010) by Nassim Taleb and ‘Nudge’ (Yale University Press:2008) co-authored by Richard Thaler.

He might do better by reading ‘Beyond the Crash’ (Simon and Schuster:2010) by Gordon Brown. In this work he demonstrates his command of global economics.

David Cameron has let us down: the right man (sorry, person) will probably not get the job.




The Birmingham Stock Exchange, Investbx, has been sold for £1. The Regional Development Agency (“RDA”), Advantage West Midlands, set it up in 2007 to assist local businesses to raise capital. Only three firms joined the market. The loss is estimated at over £3 million. That is because it involved civil and council servants and became a gravy train.

Which is exactly what will happen with many of today’s coalition schemes (eg. Local Enterprise Partnerships). By the time reality sets in Vince Cable will have long gone.

5 comments for “Gordon Bennett..er..Brown, Dave sinks lower and lower

  1. 26 May, 2011 at 20:26

    I agree with Barry. Gordon Brown wrecked the UK economy. He carried out raids on the pension funds that dwarfed anyhting Capn Bob Maxwell did (and you knew him). GB’s response to the banking crisis was to say it was international and nothing to do with him.
    Meanwhile he gave millions of pounds of our money (remember the government has no money of its own, only what it takes from us taxpayers) to African countries (for which read the despots in charge of them, to swell their Swiss bank accounts) instead of fixing problems at home.
    Whilst no one would have wished GB’s first child to die, he lavished money on the health service, only to let doctors pay rise massively and increase the salaries (and consequent pensions of the pen pusher administrators) without any improvement in service. Targets were, and are, a farce. When I needed a hospital appointment my doctor’s letter was acknowledged and I was told my case was not considered urgent and would be reviewed in six months – ie a six month wait to go on the waiting list so I could then be seen within the target time.
    All GB would do as IMF head would be to give away more of OUR money to the undeserving, and help himself to a lavish lifestyle a la Tony Blair.
    GB as prime minister was a fence post tortoise. He would be just as bad as head of the IMF. For once Dave has got it right, even if you do not think he expressed it in the right way. However, when I heard Dave answer the question about GB and the IMF on the Today programme a short while ago I thought he explained the position beautifully.
    Sorry Tony, on this occasion I cannot agree with you.

  2. 24 May, 2011 at 14:59

    Tony – I appreciate that many of your comments are meant to be humourous, but Brown in charge of the IMF? Talk about rewards for failure. The thirteen years during which the man was in charge of the country’s finances saw some of the worst financial calamities for generations. He cannot now throw up his hands and say “Not my fault, guv”. That’s the bankers’ excuse too and it won’t wash with them either. Brown should slink off back to Scotland and let better men clear up the mess for which he must accept at least a large part of the blame.

    • EntBrit
      24 May, 2011 at 22:50

      Dear Allen,

      Thank you for your comment on my EB blog relating to Gordon Brown.

      Whilst you shrewdly point out, I do try to use humour at times to emphasise a point and to amuse (hopefully).

      I also understand the emotions that Gordon Brown raises and he certainly seems to have been, at times, a controversial person.

      However I was serious in writing this article for the following reasons:

      a) I dislike the crude language being used by David Cameron. He is perfectly within his rights not to recommend GB but there are ways and way. He demonstrated a schoolboy lack of tact.

      b) I would prefer a British Head of the IMF.

      c) GB – presided over some wonderful years from 1997 – 2006 and repaid national debt.
      – he gave the Bank of England independence
      – he kept us out of the Euro (where would we be if he had not stood up to TB?)
      – when the crisis hit he was one of the first world leaders who understood the needs of the moment – both US and European leaders have acknowledged this.

      d) His book ‘Beyond the Crash’ is worth reading: there is more to GB than you might think.

      I accept his tenure as Labour leader was fraught and if David Miliband had had the guts to mount a challenge he might now be Labour leader.

      The joy of a democracy is that we can agree to differ.

      Thank you again for your comments.


      Tony Drury

  3. 24 May, 2011 at 14:26

    Tony – did you write this rubbish to be contentious? You cannot seriously believe that G Brown was a good politician and is fit to be concidered as the head of the IMF?

  4. 24 May, 2011 at 14:05

    Tony – I can’t believe I have read this crap you have written about one of the worst politicians this country has had to endure in the last 250 years. G Brown has been the responsible for wrecking our pensions system and selling our gold reserves (at the bottom of the market), to name but two of a series of crass economic decisions during his tenure as chancellor and then PM. The less we hear about that man , the better.

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