Goodbye Dave: it is only a matter of time

The Coalition Government has three fundamental problems:

  1. It is led by a power-crazed Old Etonian.
  2. It was voted into office by an electorate which had no idea that their votes could
    lead to a Coalition between the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems (David Cameron
    was planning it but he didn’t tell anybody)
  3. Its manifesto, the Coalition Agreement(s), has never been vetted by the British

Of these issues the third is the most important.

We at Enterprise Britain care passionately about the 4+ million people whose daily lives depend upon the continuing survival of their businesses. Forget pensions, health care and holidays. It is a jungle out there at the moment. UK growth is stagnant (net of inflation it is negative), the housing market is moribund (unless you are selling a £500,000+ property where there are plenty of buyers – we are, under David Cameron, becoming even more of a two class society), the Governor of the Bank of England cannot control inflation and now the real Government cuts begin.

The Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, Vince Cable, is clearly as worried as we are if his statement made at the weekend is to be believed: “The Conservatives are ruthless, calculating and thoroughly tribal”. We can be reassured that all is harmonious at the Department for Business.

Following the catastrophic results for the Lib-Dems at the elections the future of the coalition is uncertain. This is at a time where every member of the Cabinet should be worried, day and night, about the collapse of Enterprise Britain.

And what about Nick Boles, the cherubic Member of Parliament for Grantham and Stamford? The founder of Policy Exchange, the liberal think tank which has an influence on the Prime Minister, is on record (an article in ‘The Times’) proposing that at the next General Election (May 2015?) there should be a joint manifesto between the Conservatives and the Lib-Dems.

Why have we just spent millions of pounds of tax-payers money on an Alternative Vote referendum that nobody wanted and which achieved nothing. I wonder if Nick Clegg is remembering that Gordon Brown offered him a Referendum on Proportional Representation.

So what will Dave be thinking about over the next few weeks before MPs begin their ludicrously long summer holidays?

Keeping the Coalition together, stopping the Lib-Dems from reforming the House of Lords, union/labour strife as the cuts bite deeper (we are about to begin a period of misery on the London Tube system), the Middle East where we are now entrenched (using tax-payers money) is a tense situation, about Afghanistan (where we are spending huge tranches of the UK’s defence budget as well as asking the earth of our forces) and the break-up of the United Kingdom. I have a home in Wales. I know what the Welsh people are thinking…first Scotland, then us.)

Enterprise Britain can say “Goodbye Dave” because he will not have any time for us.

‘Goodbye Dave: My Decision to leave the Conservative Party’ is published this week by Enterprise Britain (ISBN 978 -1-4476-6854-1). It is available on and is already being remaindered in Oxfam shops.

I never wanted the coalition with the Lib-Dems and left the Party in September with a heavy heart. My book tells why.

Oh boy was I right. But that is no use now.

What matters to me is the abject abandonment of Enterprise Britain by the Conservative Party. It is the Labour Party’s great opportunity.

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