Dave. You are useless. Peter says so

I live in fear of Dirk.
He is the brilliant co-founder and editor of Enterprise Britain. EB, as we call it, is expanding with some great new bloggers and increasing interest.
Dirk says I must stop Dave bashing and write about things that matter to owners and managers of Britain’s enterprising businesses.
But that is just the point, Dirk! NOTHING is happening in this Coalition Government unless Dave is involved. I cannot find one initiative, underway at present, that will impact EB.
Frankly, if Dave is involved, it usually becomes embarrassing.
In this last week, the respected economist Anatole Kaletsky, writing in ‘The Times’, (2 February) suggested that America’s decision to run large fiscal deficits until sustainable growth is achieved, is bearing fruit. The US’s surge in exports AND its recovery in consumer spending, is working. Contrast this with the unprecedented austerity programme (which has yet to really start) in the UK and the collapse in our economic growth. There is little or no increase in personal spending. So where does our recovery come from?
Dave leaves economics to George. His ‘Big Society’ concept took a battering when Liverpool City Council withdrew. Its Leader wrote a long letter to Dave in which he said that “…Liverpool City Council can no longer support the Big Society initiative, as a direct consequence of your funding decisions.” So it is George’s fault after all. The letter continued: “..the Government has failed to deliver a single change that we have requested.”
Perhaps the low point for Dave was the article in ‘The Daily Mail’ (4 February 2011) by Peter Eborne. Headed ‘Cameron has caved in to those waging war on family values’ it included the statement “…we come to something very troubling. In Government Cameron has been – there is no other word – useless.”

I have been spending a few days by Cardigan Bay. This is an extract from the ‘Daily Post’ (4 February) which covers North Wales. The columnist, Ian Parry, in his ‘The Way I see it’ editorial, wrote as follows:
“So much for the Middle East peace envoy, then, as Tony Blair is laughingly referred to in some circles. I’d hoped when he turned Catholic he’d be in the confession box so long, it’d be the last we’d hear of him. No such luck.”

Dirk, I am just a beginner!

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