Dave rules, Dave divides

In a week when power crazed Dave briefly stumbled he quickly regained his self belief that he is wonderful.

Unfortunately he managed to demonstrate that his legacy is almost certainly in place.

In a speech on the reform of public services the PM implied that family doctors go on late-night visits to people with money, whom they know socially, while ignoring poor residents under their care.

As a lesson in stupidity this is without equal:

  1. Family doctors do not do late night visits: they employ expensive locums.
  2. They visit less and less relying on 24 hour health centres or paramedics, helplines and ambulances.
  3. Visits are free: you only pay if you have a private doctor.

Downing Street then compounded the crass rhetoric by saying that Dave did not intend to criticise GPs but wanted to highlight the old “top down, Whitehall-dictated system” that denies choice to patients.

The NHS reforms are in a shambles. Can you remember Dave’s FIVE pledges? Where is Andrew Lansley? Is there anybody who will deny that the closure of 151 PCTs and the RHAs will cost in excess of £3bn with NO benefits in sight.

But what is far, far worse is that Dave is almost certain to achieve the exact opposite to his claims. Britain will become a more and more divided nation. The NHS will decline and it will take money to get some of the vital services.

That will be the Cameron legacy: a  more divided nation than ever before.

Congratulations to the Housing Minister Grant Shapps. His £500m shared-equity scheme was praised by Barratt Developments, one of Britain’s largest house-builders. Already 100 deals have been agreed.

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