Dave and Parliament sink to new levels

In what was one of the lowest points in recent parliamentary proceedings, the sight of power crazed Dave loving every minute of his time at the dispatch box, confirmed this writer’s gravest doubts about the Prime Minister. This was about MPs getting their own back on Rupert Murdoch. Whilst the events at News International raise some serious questions, and the judicial enquiry must now run its course, the self satisfying baying of MP after MP was awful. Labour completely misread their role and made Dave’s position more comfortable. What did it achieve? Absolutely nothing.

George sat at his master’s side looking like a giggly schoolboy. It is a pity he was not concentrating on the latest economic data. In 2011 public spending is forecast to remain at 50.1% of GDP (according to the latest OECD figures). So a Conservative (sorry Coalition) Government is achieving an economy where more than half the national income comes from state spending. It was 51% in 2010 and 51.2% in 2009. Only eight out of 32 OECD countries have this situation.

Worse still, the UK is stuck in a slow rate of growth for some time. Growth this year may settle at around 1.3%. With inflation at 4% the position is horrible. More cuts are coming, law and order is threatened by a savage reduction in police numbers and the NHS reforms have disappeared from view. Can you remember what Dave’s FIVE pledges were? No, nor can he.

For middle England real incomes are falling and inflation is now affecting the retail food industry. The public are struggling to buy bread.

Dave is above all this because he is wonderful. He is taking three week’s holiday before returning in September to the party conference season.

Please take whatever summer holiday you can manage. You are going to need it.

“Dave Rules, Dave Divides”

Following the success of ‘Goodbye Dave’ and ‘Calm Down Dave’ the third book in the EB series is now being written. It looks at our divided nation and the devastating and negative impact that Dave is having. This will be his disgraceful legacy.

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