Dave ‘Napoleon’ Cameron meets his Waterloo

On the occasion that Napoleon Bonaparte was appointing a General he said to his advisers “Yes, yes, yes, I know he is good, but is he lucky?” The Emperor himself was unlucky when he met his match at Waterloo in 1815 and spent the last six years of his life on the Island of Saint Helena.

In six years time we will know whether the Prime Minister will be serving a second term of office.

During this last week it was tempting to conclude that Dave himself is lucky. During a series of desperately managed Government actions including penal reforms, the NHS dithering (“I’m proud I was courageous enough to admit I was wrong”), strikes and the dire economic data, up pops Greece (again) to divert everybody’s attention.

On cue, Dave gave a meaningless and misleading speech when trying to convince the UK that he would not allow us to be affected by whatever happens. He might have been tempted to count his blessings and quit (for the week) while he was hugging himself in self-congratulations for his statesmanship.

However, up leaped our new hero Mark Chapman, the Conservative MP for the Wrekin. Dave was trying to bully his fellow Conservative into withdrawing his motion concerning a ban on wild animals in circuses. Democracy prevailed, Dave was made to look limp, and the bill was passed.

There followed many miles of print in the papers and on the websites much of which would have made uncomfortable reading for Dave’s acolytes in Downing Street. Dave said that his aides are “more Mother Teresa, than slavering Rottweiler.” He thus demonstrated he is living in cloud cuckoo land.

On this occasion Enterprise Britain can play a forceful role. We are so appalled by the Chapman incident that we have brought forward the publication of my book ‘Calm Down Dave’. In this I examine some of the advisers in Downing Street, their histories and adventures and their mainly liberal leanings. I describe Steve Hilton as a threat to national sanity.

The Mark Pritchard incident in itself will be forgotten and politics will move on. But surely the backbench Conservative MPs who really care about process and values will, at some stage, start to stir.

There are various ‘Waterloo’ possibilities that Dave may face and lose. Much more likely is that the split between his Downing Street advisers and the Conservative mainstream MPs will burst wide open.

In the song ‘Waterloo’, Abba sang “I was defeated, you won the war.”

This is the war for sanity. The answer lies with the Conservative MPs who eventually say “enough is enough.”

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