Cameron to be saved by his hols

Power-crazed David Cameron is overseeing a dire period of government for the British people. As he packs his bucket and spade and prepares to spend several weeks on holiday telling himself how wonderful he is, with Sam nodding in agreement, he should reflect on three very serious matters:

1) The NHS

The crisis cannot be too far away. The reform bill is stalled and Labour is awake to this golden opportunity to score political points.

On 7 June 2011 Dave sidelined the Health Secretary Andrew Lansley and took charge like the bold Old Etonian he is. He made five pledges –

a) to keep waiting lists low

b) to maintain spending

c) not to privatise the NHS

d) to keep care integrated

e) to remain committed to the ‘national’ part of the NHS.

Accounts published by the Treasury show that NHS spending in 2010-11 fell from £102.8bn in 2009-10 to £102.0bn. Take inflation into account and there is a real fall. This was followed by political ping pong and ‘it’s all Labour’s fault’.

I have just had to pay for private care for my wife who has had serious foot surgery. She could hardly reach the consultant’s room she was in so much pain. There was a nine month’s waiting list. Locally the 24 hour town surgery is to be cut back which is a pity because it was providing a marvellous and well used service.

Meantime Andrew Lansley has broken cover and attacked NHS managers for saving cash rather than their patients. I wonder if he remembers that he said many months ago that the closure of the PCTs and RHAs would cost £1.2bn. The latest estimate is £3bn. Any chance £5bn.

What a tragic shambles.


2) The Economy

Just what have the Coalition Government achieved in the last year?

+ a one in, one out regulatory regime only to add more and more new rules

+ increased national insurance – a tax on jobs

+ a top rate of income tax of 52% and an extra 13.8% employers’ NI

+ capital gains tax to 28%

+ a passive growth rate

+ no effective reduction in spending

+ a demoralised nation

Another shambles.


3) Business Growth Fund

I have predicted that this will become a gravy train for its executives like most of these initiatives. This week the Fund appointed an IT strategy director (why – for lending money?) and a human resources director (to fuel the gravy train). Because the Fund now has two main offices both directors will split their time between London and Birmingham.

What a waste.

Enjoy your holidays Dave.

Most of Middle England will be coping with the mess you have left behind.

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