Calling all windbags: it’s quiz time

Enterprise Britain has received a staggering response to the question posed in last week’s blog:

“In a recent ‘Sun’ editorial the following was said –

‘His failure has proved right those who feared that his lofty speeches concealed an indecisive windbag.’

To whom was this a reference?

The following entries were received:

  • David Cameron (1,211,643 votes)
  • Vince Cable (21,776)
  • Nick Clegg (3 but two were spoilt)
  • Ed Miliband (2,117)
  • Tony Blair (2 signed Cherie and Gordon)
  • Simon Cowell (72)
  • Tony Drury (Nil: ed: this is being investigated by the electoral reform society)
  • Mr. Angry (1 signed by Mrs. Angry)

There was an entry from Hastings signed ‘Jane’ which read “If anybody votes for Dirk they are yesterday’s news.”

The answer was Barack Obama.

The ‘Sun’ launched a tirade of abuse on the President following a possible downgrading of America’s long-term debt. Its editorial read

“He promised America: Yes, we can. But the verdict on Barack Obama is; No, he couldn’t.”

It carried on to say

“Mr. Obama has let down millions of Americans who hoped he would show leadership and vision.”

So now we know who Mr. Murdock (senior) thinks will be the next US President.

“Sheila, please send some more flowers to Mrs. Palin.”

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