By Jove, Gove’s on to something

The Education Secretary might have hit on a really radical idea.

Michael Gove’s ‘Troops to Teachers’ programme is based on the US scheme under which over 16,000 soldiers (who have had 10 years experience and hold a degree) have qualified as teachers since 1964.

They then concentrate on deprived areas with above average levels of delinquency. It is reported that the idea has had a ‘profound effect’ on discipline.

The UK version will be launched next year and it is hope to retrain around 200 ex-officers in the first twelve months.

The nub of the proposal lies in the ‘role model’ concept. The pupils may respect a battle-hardened ex-serviceman more readily than newer college-educated teachers.

Could this vision be applied to the business community?

Enterprise Britain today proudly announces the launch of ‘Bosses to Basics’ programme. Under this scheme up to 400 former company executives will spend three months at selected Business Schools across the UK.

They will learn of the needs which owners and managers of enterprising businesses have and then take up paid placements in companies selected by Local Enterprise Partnerships.

There are some issues (‘shadow directors’ as one example) but if there is a will…there is certainly a need.

Just a thought, of course, but thank you, Mr. Gove, for some original thinking.

Mr. Angry is going potty
Mr. Angry is more angry than ever before. In fact he is going potty.

This is because £100m is simply a joke – and it’s not funny.

That is the amount the Secretary of State for Transport, Philip Hammond, has given Councils to mend potholes. The problem is the AA, who know about these things, say the country needs £9.5 billion to brings road up to a basic condition.

Has Mr. Angry a valid point?

Each morning he leaves his home and drives his car over potholes in his road.

This is the road he drives down to reach the station.

And now he approaches the railway car park.

Mr. Angry wants to know if the ‘Big Society’ mends potholes because the Local Council don’t seem keen on the idea.

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