Women versus Men

Well, versus may be a bit strong but I did have an interesting conversation earlier today about how women and men approach things in different ways.

I’m in Ireland right now, working with a franchise that is going great guns.  It’s a white collar franchise, office based but they actually work more from shop front style premises.  I was speaking with the franchisor this morning and he asked me how the course was going, with some sympathy, it has to be said.

Why was he sympathetic?

Er… it’s an all female course I’m running.  And this is the first time that’s happened in my 10 years working in the franchise training business.

And I have to say, I’m really enjoying it… there seems to be a reduced amount of testosterone in the room and as a result there is a calmness about the course, which means some really good learning is taking place.

So, we extended our conversation.  The franchisor has a network made up from about 75% blokes and 25% women… all of them working from shops.  Apparently, the blokes’ shops are functional, masculine, with clean lines and not much adornment.

The shops owned by the ladies are softer, more feminine, with scatter cushions and candles… as the franchisor said, ‘a bit boudoir like’.

Of course, the natural question is: what colour are the cushions?

No it’s not!

Which group is more successful?

The franchisor thought the cushions and candles might be a little off putting to the hairy ars…, sorry, back-sided, builder and I thought they might quite like the contrast.

I had to check the results.

There’s no difference.

Growth is about the same, average fee is about the same, client feedback is, guess what, about the same.

So what does this tell us?

I’m not really sure, certainly without more research, but I think there are some clear messages.  Men and women approach things in different ways (hmmm… hardly ground breaking, yet).  Both approaches are valid and work (again, not really revolutionary).

We should really stop all this idiotic mucking about trying to work out which sex is better than the other, ‘cos there is no answer to that question… in fact, the question just does not compute and isn’t really worth asking.

Just food for thought and I have to say, I’m really enjoying the course this week.

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