The X-Factor

Yes, the long wait is over and the long winter nights are welcome to roll in…

The X-Factor is back and we can all relax.

I’m tempted to tell the story of the man who fetched up at the auditions last year, with a face like smacked… well, let’s just say you’d keep his picture on the mantelpiece to keep your children away from the fire, short, er, roly poly figure.

Got the picture?

You just knew that the voice had to be special, right?

Simon Cowell asked him what he was going to sing and it was Celine Dion, ‘I Will Always Love You.’  Wow, this was going to special.

The music starts, the man composes himself and starts to sing…

… and out comes a weedy little voice, out of tune and very weak.

Simon Cowell raises his eyebrows, waves his hand in the air to stop the music, fixes the guy with his steely gaze and asks, ‘why are you here?’

The man sticks up two thumbs and replies, ‘cos I’ve got confidence!’

But I won’t… tell the story that is.

Having said that, it always amazes me that, during the auditions that you get people on stage who just cannot sing.  I’m sure some are doing it for a laugh, which I can understand… but there are just as many who genuinely believe that they can sing and get all upset when the judges laugh and give them four ‘nos’ and they have to leave.

There are some franchisees who act like that.

They join a network, I guess because they need the support and are looking for systems and processes, and then they set about arguing with the franchisor about what they should be doing.

That’s a bit like employing an architect to draw up the plans for your new house and then changing where the walls go… or going on the X-Factor to get the support of the judges and then arguing with them because you don’t like what they say.

Sometimes it might seem like things you are required to do as a franchisee aren’t logical or even sometimes that are not particularly nice to do… but you still have to do them, otherwise the system doesn’t work properly.

It’s just not logical to argue with the franchisor.

In fact, it might just damage your future success and so you’ll need to do something else.  Like apply for the X-Factor.

If you do – just don’t argue with the judges.

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