The Dog’s Doodahs

I wish I was talking about the Bee’s Knees, really I do.  But I’m not… I’m talking about a dog and his, well, let’s just say, he’s very good at what he does!

(And I’m not even going to do the obvious joke; you know the one… a dog was giving his unmentionables a thorough clean with one leg cocked behind his ear, when a bloke said to his owner ‘cor, I wish I could do that!’

The owner takes one look at the bloke and replies ‘give ‘im a bone and ‘e might let you!’)

My trouble and strife runs an accountancy franchise in Edinburgh.  It’s in a shop front type premises and, as she can’t stand to be separated from her beloved Barney (furry fella, with very clean doodahs) he comes to the shop every day, too.

But the dog has become famous around the locale… my wife has had posters made to advertise her business, he appears in her off the page advertising and the dog even blogs every couple of weeks.

In short, the dog has become the focus of her marketing efforts.

Now, rent a desk in my wife’s shop (and, yes, she does charge me a regular fee for use of the facilities – but I get very little sympathy, even though I’m outraged) and I get to walk the dog every lunchtime… no, I do really walk the dog.

I get stopped at least twice a day… no, that’s not true.  The dog gets stopped twice a day and I have to stop with him, by people who then talk to me through the woofer… ‘Are you the dog that does the tax returns?’

‘Yes, he is,’ I say with an almost completely straight face.

‘Oh, lovely… have they let you out for your lunch break?’

‘Yes we have, but it’s straight back to work for you after lunch, old son!’  And so on.

The point is, the dog, as a focus for the local marketing effort really works and we (actually I) was wondering whether I can franchise him?

Think about it for a second.  A franchisor wants to recruit, say, 20 franchisees a year, in 4 lots of 5.  That means we would need to find 4 willing participants, get them together with our dog at just the right time, get him to perform his duty, make sure that each litter has exactly 5 pups and then issue them as part of the franchise package, with instructions on how to make them really work for marketing purposes.

Hmmm… on second thoughts, it sounds like a bit of a palaver to me… perhaps it’s better to get a focussed marketing plan that’s just a bit simpler?

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  1. 8 July, 2011 at 10:44

    Funny you should mention that Richard but I just exchanged emails with someone about a blog and guess what they mentioned.

    You got it….. the black labrador that features in the picture on Peter Shank’s blog from Cunard Cruises. Maybe you are on to something here Richard……the next big marketing idea. I’ll have to suggest to Peter that he renames his blog after his dog and see if it gets more traffic.

    Anyone else got some dog marketing stories?

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