The coincidence…

Sometimes I get asked to help franchisees who are struggling with business building a little bit.

On this occasion there was a guy whose business was growing in fits and starts… and even when he was in business growth mode things weren’t errr… spectacular.

So, I thought I’d start by asking about the number of leads he was getting in and the number he needed.  Okay, says he, that’s an easy one to answer.  I need to get 20 leads a month to get 10 customers.

Great.  And how many are you getting?


2?  Oh, well, 2 clients a month is a start!

No, you misunderstand me… I’m getting 2 leads.

Ah.  And did you ever get more than 2 leads?

Oh, yes.  When I was concentrating on doing marketing I used get quite a few.  But then I won some customers and had to do the work for them.  I stopped marketing and the leads dried up.

You don’t say!  Okay, what are you doing now?

Oh, loads.


Well, I’ve got an advert going into the press next month.


And I’m going to drop some leaflets, too.


And… oh, I see what you’re getting at… it’s all stuff that’s going to happen, isn’t it.

I didn’t think a reply was required.

However, the starting gun had fired and the penny had dropped.  So, we created a plan that would generate some immediate ‘noise’.  We put together a Social Media campaign, agreed a leaflet dropping schedule, got some 1 to 1s in the diary with key influencers.

We then arranged to speak a week later.

The guy was much more motivated… mostly because I think he was so busy putting his various marketing plans into action.  The problem was there was no upturn in the number of leads or customers… but it had only been a week.

But we talked about it and added two more things to his marketing mix – a bit of networking and some direct mail.  He was also to go back and leaflet a couple of areas he’d been to before.

We arranged to speak again the following week.

Here’s the opening of the call, word for word:

“I can’t stay for long, I’ve got appointments throughout the day today.”

Oh, brilliant!  So the marketing is working?

Errrm, says he, I’m not sure.  I think it might just be coincidence.  I mean I dropped some leaflets yesterday morning and 2 people came in during the afternoon.  That’s got to be coincidence.  What do you think, Richard?

Well, says I, let’s explore that a little further shall we?  You were doing no marketing and got no appointments.  You are now doing more marketing and you’ve got lots of leads… wellllllll, I suppose it might be coincidence!

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