The Award Winning TaxAssist Accountants

I love winning awards, even if it is only by association.

A couple of years ago we won a National Training Award and I can still remember that evening very well.

It started with crushing disappointment.

We’d been through the submission process, which was followed by a selection process which, in turn, was followed by the assessment process.  Of course, throughout the process we didn’t know how we were doing until the very end when we were invited to the black tie presentation evening.  (Two complimentary places and £1,000 for a table of 10).

So we turned up with our group of 10 not realising the format of the awards.  Our name was first read out in the regional category.  We were up against a scheme to train 16 year olds in the construction industry.  Hmmm… always tricky to win in that category and, lo and behold, it was their name that was read out, not ours.

Damn… that’s it then.  Might as well have one last drink and go home.

But no!

Our name was read out again, this time as potential winners of the National Training Award… not just the piddly regional one!  This time we were up against one of Britain’s biggest insurance companies.  Again, tricky.

My heart was thumping, my mouth went dry… time slowed to a crawl.

‘….and joining them as National Training Award winners is…’  And our name was read out.

The feeling was fantastic and the award still has pride of place on the mantelpiece today.

That’s why it’s so fantastic that TaxAssist Accountants have won a key award for training and support of their franchise network.  And, given we deliver their sales and marketing week, I fully intend to bask in their achievement.

And it is quite an achievement given the award is based on what their franchisees said.  Why is this so key?

Well, if you consider that the TaxAssist Accountants’ network has the thick end of 200 franchisees, that’s a lot of people to keep happy, especially when talking about such an emotive issue as support and training.  After all, each franchisee has special needs… that may have came out wrong.  What I meant to say was that every franchisee has individual needs.

Now, with 15 franchisees it’s quite easy to cater to those differing needs.  With 200 it becomes more problematic… unless, of course, you have the right systems, processes and personnel in place to manager these disparate needs.

You can only do this through constant development and evolution, by listening to the network and improving the model every year.

Congratulations TaxAssist Accountants.

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