Reformed trainer…

I was in Ireland a couple of weeks ago where the presidential election campaign was kicking off…

And very entertaining it was, too.

To an outsider like me, the candidates seemed, er, varied to say the least.  At one end of the spectrum was Dana, who I remember from the Eurovision Song Contest in nineteen seventy something, who I hadn’t heard of since.  At the other end is Martin McGuiness, Sinn Fein candidate and former leader of the Provisional IRA (allegedly).

(By the way, I don’t know whether these people are at the opposite ends of the political spectrum (they may be), it’s a comment on what I remember of their backgrounds and personalities!)


An interesting mix, which divided opinions through the cross section of Irish people I know.  For example, there was some nervousness about Martin McGuiness, the ex-IRA leader being president.  But other people told me that he is the politician most passionate about equality, fairness and giving everyone their say.

This sounds very strange, given his past, until you put it in the context of reformed smokers… those people who used to smoke but have managed to give up the evil weed.

We all know that those most vehemently opposed to smoking (and the most outspoken, too) are those who have kicked the habit.

Could it be the convicted terrorist (he was convicted in 1972 after being caught with a car containing 250lb of explosives and 5,000 rounds of ammo) has reformed and, like smokers, is now the most outspoken in terms of fairness?

All this jolly subject matter leads me on to my own reformation… that of being a reformed trainer.

You see, my most beloved has kindly booked me on a course, horror of horrors, as a delegate.

And I just don’t know how I’m going to cope!

The thing is, I haven’t been a delegate for many, many years and my reaction is going to be interesting.  Will I be a nightmare on the course for the trainer?  Am I going to struggle to learn anything because I’m so worried about the trainer’s approach and style?  Or, as I’m going to try and be, will I be chilled, relaxed, supportive… in other words, a model delegate?

To be honest it could go either way because I don’t think, as yet, I’m a reformed trainer… I’m still right in there and have been so used to providing feedback and coaching to trainers who are looking to improve that I don’t know that I can change!

And, of course, you have to add in the subject matter of the course I’m going to attend… it’s a Tax Update Day!


I’m sure my wife did it just to get a good laugh at my expense.

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