One thing leads to another

I seem to remember, long ago, in the dim distant mists of time, when I first went self employed that I learned a lesson about winning business that I would do to remember today.
The lesson went like this:
I had a contract cancelled that left me short of business. I desperately searched for work that was going to start within a few days. It was hard and nothing was coming through… I must have sounded desperate and people were picking up the vibes.
Then something happened.
I decided to write a long term business plan and focus on that.
I stopped focussing on the short-term and started looking further down the track… and, guess what… I got a new job a week later.
I’ve been working closely with a newish colleague recently. Last night we agreed to work much more closely together. We have different skills and we decided not to think short term but long term. Guess what happened to me today… go on, guess.
Nope you’re quite wrong.
I won a new contract that’s going to last for months and needs to start in just a few weeks. And my colleague got three enquiries for putting together decent sized finance deals… immediately!
I have another business goal. To win more large ticket contracts that I can manage and have other people deliver. I’m desperately searching for these contracts… or I was until I started writing this blog.
I’m going to back off now and not worry about them.
There’s a long-term plan and that’s what’s important.
I’m fully expecting a contract to drop into place, probably pretty much straight away. But now I’m worried. What if it doesn’t fall into place because I’ve recognised a pattern and I’m trying make it happen by being a bit sneaky… sort of trying to con fate?

We shall see and I’ll keep you posted.

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