Next Year is almost here

At Derigo Towers we’re preparing for next year.

It’s not the end of our financial year – that’s in March, but I can’t seem to get my head round that – January to December always works better for me.

At Derigo Towers we’re preparing for next calendar year and soon we’ll be preparing for the next financial year, too.  There; is that better?

And it’s really interesting to look back on 2011 whilst thinking about what we need to do next.  In the past year we’ve completed projects in the USA as well as working in Ireland and across the UK, we’ve placed HR managers in one of Britain’s biggest corporations, worked with businesses with less than ten employees, delivered more training days than any previous year and completed more customer satisfaction surveys and competitor analysis reports than ever before.

2011 has been our best year ever.  2010 was our previous best year.

Errr… that means the pressure is on for 2012 to make it the best year.

So far, I’m both pleased and relieved that things are shaping up nicely for the first part of 2012 at least.  We already have new projects lined up for January as well as our regular and ongoing work.

Which is both brilliant and a little baffling.

Time and again I read about the problems in the economy and that the first thing to be cut is training…

I think something different is happening.

I don’t think businesses are cutting training particularly but I do think they are being more careful about it.  At the height of the boom there was loads of stuff going on – some of effective but an awful lot of it a bit crackpot, wacky and way out there at best and just not very good at worst.

There’s less space for the experimental (and the not very good) and businesses are really selecting their training providers carefully.  We’re finding that businesses are applying three selection criteria before choosing whom to trust with their teams.  Firstly, they want a proven track record of work on similar projects, they are looking for results and outputs to be defined before the training starts and they are looking for someone to really understand their business and get the roots of their issues.

We’re finding that if we can meet these criteria then price becomes less of an issue – because there’s a difference between cost and value for money.

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