Leave it to us…

Franchisors (or potential franchisors) can be a funny bunch sometimes.

Take these two cases we’re working on at the moment. Both are new to franchising and both suffering from the same affliction. These even a medical term for it… Uduitforus.

Yes, I had to look at it twice, too.

The first customer has systems, processes and infrastructure coming out of their ears. They are well capitalised and have the appetite for franchising. In short, they’re going for it. Or, at least, that’s what they say.

So far we have had three meetings with the franchising team and they’ve made presentations to their head office and the green light has been given. We went back a couple of weeks ago, agreed a plan and timetable… the only thing left to do was finally confirm the fee structure and we were asked to confirm in an email, which was dutifully sent in 24 hours.

It was important that we did it so quickly because we have a launch date of 1st April and a first franchisee within a few short weeks. Everything was urgent, everything had to be completed yesterday and everything was to be handed over to us.

Of course, since then, there’s not been a dickie. (You know: dickie bird = word).

It’s still all systems go, but ‘we have to get sign off (again) from HO.’ Meanwhile the days are ticking by and you can bet your bottom dollar that the deadlines won’t change.

The second customer is even more laissez faire… we are creating their franchise from the ground up.

The thing is we have to get sign off on the name. Without it we can’t really crack on with the other stuff… like sorting out website URLs, Twitter and Facebook pages and all the other things that the name is needed for.

The franchisor knows we need the name, but is very, er, inclusive in the way the business is run.

Roughly translated, this means everyone has an opinion and everyone is sticking their beak in where, in fact, it should be kept out. The upshot of all this beakiness is that we can’t get on and the franchisor is in danger of missing some of the targets they have set themselves.

The bottom line to all this, I think, is that a franchise ain’t a democracy and someone needs to be in change to tell everyone else what’s what.

And, if we’re to do everything, then we should be left to do everything and report back.

End of rant.

Purpose of blog: none really; but I feel much better for writing it!

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