I just get so impatient…

I know I shouldn’t and I try really hard not to, but I just get so impatient.

It happened to me twice at the weekend and on both occasions I was in Tescos.

First off – the fuel station.  I had a voucher for a whole 5p off per litre which made the price merely extortionate… down from absolutely exorbitant.  This meant that, horror of horrors, I couldn’t Pay At Pump, I had to go into the kiosk to hand over my million pounds for a tank of fuel.  No, hang on, I had a voucher so I got £3.20 off, making it only £999,996.80.

When I got into the kiosk I found a queue at least a mile long.  Have you noticed all the exaggerations in this blog?  I don’t know why… I’ll stop immediately.

There were at least ten people in the queue.

This being a fairly small Tesco store, there were two till positions but only one of these was being used.

Oh, there were two people in the store but the other person was undertaking the highly important role of shelf filling whilst the queue got longer and longer and more and more cars became backed up at the pumps.

Surely it would have been sensible for person number two to stop her shelf filling duties, just for a while, until the queue went down… but, no.

I was becoming more impatient by the minute until I could stand it no more.  I took a deep breath to calm my frustration and was about to say… nothing.  I reached the front of the line.

My impatience had almost boiled over and I’d only been in the kiosk for five minutes.

In the words of Chairman Drury: Calm Down, Dave (or Richard, as the case may be).

Inside the store I was going to buy some fireworks.  You can’t just carry the fireworks around the store, you have to order them, do the rest of your shopping and then come to the 10 Items Or Less till to pay for them.

I had two questions:

  1. What if I had more than ten items?
  2. What if I didn’t have any other shopping to do?

Both moot points as I had other shopping and it was less than ten items.

Anyway, there was one of the two 10 Items Or Less tills open, so I went to that one.

‘I’ve got those fireworks to pick up,’ says I, pointing to my fireworks that I’d set aside about 37 seconds earlier.

‘Oh, I can’t do fireworks here.’

‘But that lady told me to come here…’

At which point, said lady opened the other till, a thousand people (sorry) six people jumped in front of me and managed to pay for their fireworks before me.

‘What?’  I cried.  ‘I suppose I’ll just queue up again, shall I?’

At which point the boy said he could do fireworks after all!


I’m going to be much less impatient from now on.  Most because I realised I am turning into my dad!

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