Good sales technique = time of day

I don’t know about you but I seem to be getting more and more cold calls trying to sell me something.

And the variety and style of the calls also seems to be increasing in variety.

Let me give you a couple of examples.  On Friday I got a call from an automated message trying to tell me that I was entitled to up the £3,000 in compensation for a personal injury I never had caused by an accident that I was never involved in.

The thing that got me, though, was that this was recorded message.  Here’s how it went (a woman’s voice):

You may well be entitled to up to £3,000 and XXX is the firm to help you get it.  If you’ve suffered a personal injury…

And so on.  It concluded:

If you’d like to find out more press 1 and you will be connected to an operative.’

Hmmm… I don’t think so.

Today I received a call from a lady with a very strong accent.  To me she sounded Indian, but, of course, I can’t confirm that.  However, she did call herself Linda, which is a fairly old technique by call centres based overseas to make their potential customers feel more comfortable with their staff.

This time Linda was, at least, a live person… I think.

The problem was she got off on the wrong foot and it went downhill from there.  The opening statement went like this:

Hello, sir.  How has your day been today?  Can I just confirm that you live at (post code)?  How much do you pay for your life insurance?

At this point I politely told Linda that I didn’t want to buy her life insurance and said goodbye.

Now, you might think, being a sales trainer that I’m probably one of the hardest people to try and sell to.

But not so.  I’m one of the easiest.

As long as the person trying to sell to me does it properly and doesn’t used some 1980s based parody of a sales process.

That doesn’t mean that I buy every time, because I don’t.  But if someone uses a proper sales process I, at the very least, give them the time of day and listen to what they want and answer their questions.  A proper process by the way, includes an honest introduction including a reason for the call, some questions, a sales pitch and next steps.

The one, massive no-no from my point of view, is when a sales person says ‘I don’t know if you’re interested, but…’

If you don’t know; just ask!

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