Embedded Training

This week I have been delivering the perfect training programme.

That’s not to say my training has been perfect; that’s probably an impossible dream… to deliver the perfect programme…

Sorry, I was off in a dream world there.

No, what I meant is that, for once (because it doesn’t happen that often) a business has invested both in training delivery and coaching programme to make sure the learning is embedded back into behaviour.

And I salute them for doing it… for a number of reasons.

First of all, it’s quite an investment for a business to make. After all, I’ve delivered a training course to their coaches to make sure they are ready to coach when I leave, I’ve delivered a training course to the sales team, helping them become better sales people and I’ve been on site for the last 4 days running one to one coaching sessions to make sure the sales team are actually doing what I explained to them on the training course.

The second reason I salute them is that they have gone with my recommendations about this… they’ve taken a leap of faith that this is the right way to go about things. They haven’t quibbled about price and they didn’t ask me to explain why they should invest in such a programme.

Finally, I salute them because, for once, it has allowed me to do the full job. I’ve trained their people and now I’m helping them actually do what I’ve suggested, instead of leaving it in the hands of fate and managers who may or may not have bought into the process. I’ve also been allowed to give them the means to continue the process after I leave tomorrow.

As one famous philosopher said: give a man a fish and he’ll eat today. Give him a fishing rod and teach him how to use it and he’ll eat every day.

Be a boring, though, a fish only diet. And I bet your sweat would small a bit… well… fishy.

What’s in it for my client?

I may be being a bit immodest at this point but I don’t really care. I can see a change happening in the team I’m working with. On the first day of coaching we had some breakthroughs with individuals seeing how their new process could work. On the second day, things dropped back a bit as people struggled to integrate their new skills but on the third day the new way of working was becoming embedded and results were coming through.

It’s been an exciting and rewarding week for me!

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