Credit where credit’s due

It’s fair to say that every so often I have criticised the level of service we experience in this great nation of ours.

I still fundamentally believe that the service delivered across the board is shockingly bad.  And I think it’s because service just isn’t important to the people who are supposed to be delivering it.

By the way… it’s telling that pretty all poor service is delivered in corporate life.  In EB it’s different.  Most small business owners know how vital customers are and do all they can to make sure that not only does the product work but customers are happy to be using it.

So, in the interest of balance, fairness, impartiality but most of all, laughs, I’ve decided to report on some excellent service I received just a couple of hours ago.

And, no, the service wasn’t delivered by anyone in EB, it was someone from corporate world.

Shock, horror and a sharp intake of breath is probably required at this stage.

Let me explain.

I jumped in my car this evening after a day’s training and, nightmare of nightmares, the windscreen is cracked.  I immediately rang my insurance company and was put through to Autoglass who booked me in for a replacement.  All’s going well so far, I think you’ll agree.

The problem was I didn’t have my insurance details and Autoglass couldn’t find my Aviva insurance number.

That’s because, as it turned out, I was insured by Santander.

The upshot of this is that I had to call Santander, get the policy number, expiry date and excess payment from them… which I did… or, at least tried to do.

The problem was that, not only was the policy not with Aviva, it wasn’t in my name either, it was my wife’s insurance.  And, of course, they couldn’t tell me anything without her permission to do so.

I’m in Coventry and she’s in Edinburgh.  OMG, I thought.  I’m going to have to call her to get her to call them and then I’m going to have to call them back before… well, you get the picture.

But, no, not a bit of it.  The guy offered to call my trouble and strife to get permission to talk to me and call me back with the info I needed.  The chances of all that happening, I thought, were pretty slim.

Two minutes it took.

Two minutes later the guy was on the ‘phone, explaining that he’d spoken to my Most Beloved (more than I’d done in the previous 12 hours) and here were the details.  Brilliant.

Of course, it’s just a process.  But it’s a process that’s been trained in and was executed really well.

Well done Santander.  Go to the top of the class!

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