Buying an i-pad is harder than you might think

Stansted Airport – Wednesday afternoon.

I’m in an agony of indecision… well, that’s not quite true, but it sounds better than ‘I’m in a quite comfortable of indecision’!

Stansted is actually pretty pleasant this afternoon.  I’ve got Starbucks and, amazingly (it’s never happened before) I have a seat to myself and room to open up the ol’ laptop.  I have Latte and Ella FitzGerald whispering seductively in my ear.


But I’m still in an agony of indecision… I’m trying to decide whether to buy an i-pad or not.

I’ve resisted thus far by trying to work out what I’d use an i-pad for.  After all I have my laptop, which works perfectly well and I have my i-phone with my i-pod, emails and diary.

It feels like I’m fully ‘Appled’ up, if you see what I mean.

That was until I talked to an IT guy the other day.  I had already tried the usual conversation starters with him… conversational gold dust like: ‘gonna watch to footie tonight?’ or ‘lovely weather, ain’t it?’ and got absolutely no-where.  So, I gritted my teeth and asked him about (heaven forbid) IT.

I told him about my dilemma with the i-pad decision and this is what he said just about word for word: ‘An i-pad will occupy the space between your laptop and your i-phone.’


‘An i-pad will occupy the space between your laptop and your i-phone.’

That’s what I thought he said first time round.  Well, that settled that.  I don’t have a space between my laptop and my i-phone, so no need for the i-pad.  Brilliant; decision made.

How wrong I was.

This morning I was in the hotel restaurant for breakfast and being a bit of a sad git, I was watching Top Gear on my i-phone.  I happened to glance around and every other sad git was watching Top Gear on their i-pad.  Boy did I feel like the poor relation.  Even worse than that, there was suddenly… yes, you’ve guessed it… a space between my laptop and i-phone.


So over to Dixon’s in the airport.  I’ll probably stare at the i-pad for a little while, walk away, come back, have another look, avoid the eye of the sales assistant (who won’t being trying to catch my eye anyway) until they actually come up and ask me if I need help… then and only then will I make my mind up.

LATER: Yep, it happened just as I described above and I decided to buy.  ‘I’ll have the 32gb with wi-fi, please.’

‘Sorry, we’re out of stock!’

Somehow, I feel slightly relieved.

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