Build it and they will come…

I used to work, many moons ago, for one of the UK’s most famous organisations.

I was part of a project team developing a new part to the business; one that the organisation had no previous experience in and a new way of delivering this particular service to the public to boot.

The planning meeting was brilliant…

The CEO sat everyone down and told us what we were going to do and then asked us what we might need, encouraging us to shout out anything that came into our heads:

‘A call centre!’

‘Good’. Call centre was written onto a flipchart.

‘A website’. Scribble.


‘A legal agreement in Plain English.’

‘Very good… we might not have thought of that!’

And so it went on and on until we had pretty much everything.

I was reminded of that meeting earlier today when a friend and colleague called me. He’s won a contract working for a business that wants to franchise one part of its service. They have no experience in franchising but see the opportunity so brought me friend in to create the package…

I think the conversation went like this: ‘Here’s our plan for creating this franchise opportunity…’ and they handed him a blank sheet of paper.

‘There’s nothing on it!’

Well, we’d like you to fill it in for us.’

‘Ah, okay…’

And so he’s won himself one of those rare opportunities to build something from scratch, the way it should be built. And I mean from scratch, including the name!

It got me thinking a bit, because things developing so quickly. We were doing the ol’ brainstorming bit, much like my corporate meeting earlier in my career:

‘Name…’ ‘Yes, need one of those’… ‘Website…’ ‘Need to secure the URL first…’ ‘Good thinking!’ And then we realised that other things were needed, too: ‘Twitter account…’ ‘Facebook page…’ ‘Getting everything linked together…’

When we had finished the brainstorming we had a fantastic list and opportunity just seemed to get more and more exciting. Not only did we have a blueprint for what’s needed to create a franchise from scratch, we also had a model for outsourcing the build to make the most of the skills and talents in our networks.

Brilliant stuff!

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