A nice contract (would do the trick)

We’ve learned a thing or two in our many, many years in business.  (Renee is always on at me not to say ‘many, many’ because saying it gives the impression of being old.

Perhaps ‘combined’ would be a better word?  Let’s start again:

We’ve learned a thing or two in our combined years in business.  Sometimes, though, we (and, actually, that means ‘I’) forget some salient lessons.

Such as the case we are going through at the moment.  We’ve been doing some recruitment work for a new franchise business… or, at least we were, until just before Christmas.  We had an agreement that they would pay us in a particular way which they then failed to do.

Now, there are a couple of important points here.  The first is that this was a new franchise operation, but there was/is a very well established business that would act as the pilot.  This is where the capital was to be provided from to pay for us.  This pilot business was operated as a sole trader.

Alarm bells ringing yet?

I suspect they are; so why didn’t they ring with me?

Anyway… the fella didn’t pay us and we always pursue debts, so debt collection solicitors were brought on board.  They chased with no response, so we started proceedings through the courts.

This is where it gets muddied…

The guy came back to the solicitors and said we should have been chasing for the debt via a limited company which he had; not him personally.  In effect this means we could chase his limited company, which would then be folded with no money.  Instead we are chasing him personally (which was always the deal in the first place) and he would have to stomp up the cash.

The problem is… and I still don’t know why… we didn’t contract him.  It was all done through verbal agreements and emails.

The bottom line is it’s now my word against his… and the emails where he said ‘please invoice me directly’, which, apparently isn’t a cast iron case when it come to court, which it looks like doing!


Note to self: you contract everything else, so you are a muppett for not contracting this one.  Don’t do it again.

Or to put it into Renee’s words: You are an eejit; try to be less eejit like in the future.

I hope I take my own advice!

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