A lump in my throat…

I went for a meeting with an existing customer today.

We’d delivered some telephone sales training for their Inside Sales Team, followed by a week of intensive coaching to make the training stick.

This was back in April and I’ve kept in touch since with the Team Boss, who had commissioned the training.  She’d been really pleased with the results achieved: her team is performing well and the Team Leaders she appointed were doing well and coaching their teams, carrying on the good work.

After our meeting today, I went to say ‘hello’ to the team and the reception I received was almost good enough to bring a lump to my throat.

One guy asked if I could spend half an hour to coach him and was proud to show me the call coaching feedback sheets written by his Team Leader, showing the performance improvements he’d been making.

It was a wonderful reception from a team of people who really did appreciate (and were using every single hour) the training they had received.

But before you collectively raise a great sigh of contentment… there’s a problem.

Well, it’s not exactly a problem; it’s an issue.  No, that’s wrong, too.  There’s a niggle.

The meeting was about some more work – training to be delivered to this team to take them to the next level in their development.  The training has to raise self awareness further, give them more in terms of skills and improve their results…

…and the team is really looking forward to it!

So, what’s the problem/issue/niggle?

I have to deliver it!

There’s an expectation set and I have to live up to that expectation by making sure that the training goes above and beyond the standing brief.

But there’s another expectation… and that is that it has to be me that does the delivery.  I can’t use one of the team to do it, even though they are more than capable of doing it… the client has put their foot down and insisted.

And that’s a recurring problem/issue/niggle for us at the moment.

We have some brilliant ‘A’ list clients, who first engaged us a few years ago when it was just the two of us and they have increasing needs which we can help with.  That means we’re flat out delivering right now where we should be sourcing new clients to whom I can say: ‘listen, I’m just the sales guy.  It’s going to be Rachel who’ll be doing the delivery…’

This will have a couple of effects… our own EB business can continue to grow, I will be away less and, most importantly, I can really concentrate on delivering a fantastic experience to me fans.

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