Pass the parcel or ZERO PRODUCTIVITY Mrs Thatcher!

With the Eurozone rocking in a storm of its own making I was struck by the very dominant lady (her name escaped me on the teleprint) from Ofgem this morning who proudly and firmly discussed the (pointless)  fine of £2m that Ofgem awarded NPower who are better known for sponsoring Test Matches (anyone for cricket?) in UK than much else. Apparently NPower had garnished this fine because NPower had failed to take customers complaints seriously and in fact NPower had also failed to handle them properly. What a heinous crime! The irony of a company such as NPower who sponsor Test Matches being penalised for failing to keep to the Rules of the Game were lost somewhat on the various TV channels who interviewed her I suspect. Mind you, having Googled them quickly, I see that NPower also sponsor Soccer, so I’m not surprised that any irony was mislaid.

Anyway, what appears to be really lost  here is any journalistic balance or insight into what is happening in UK with all this regulation. Whether it is Ofgem, Oftel, FSA, ets etc the political elite seem to have concluded that the population (that’s you and me) need to be protected. Many of our previous generations fought 2 world wars but today we have Ofgem and such like fighting our battles. Do they really protect us? I don’t think so. You see, I don’t need a government agency to protect my rights, fine the naughty culprit, take a nice little earn out at my expense and then… see the perpetrator of this heinous crime pass on the proceeds of Ofgem’s fine to the very consumer (or/& shareholder) that it’s designed to protect in the first place.This road can only lead to one thing…..that is bankruptcy and an ever increasing Orwellian universe.

No thanks!  I’d prefer to educate the customers, the clients, the shareholders to take their business elsewhere. That is called ‘freedom’, ‘freedom of choice’ and ‘common sense’. By all means name and shame these goliaths but the fine is pointless because I (we?) pay for it and the administrators of these quangoes or whatever they’re called get overpaid for ZERO PRODUCTIVITY Mrs Thatcher!

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