Europe isolates itself from the UK as reality sets in again

I’ve been listening to the news on Bloomberg and Sky News again which is never a good thing to do on a Friday. The pro-Euro brigade and indeed our own media are suggesting that DaveCam has isolated UK from Europe. Well, I’ve got good news for the millions of kids who will grow up on the great isle. Yesterday I took a ferry from Dover to Calais in quite rough seas and I can confirm that the distance between UK and Europe is getting greater. There is indeed coastal erosion.

At last DaveCam has shown some leadership and listened to those with greater understanding of the great Euro experiment. Apologies to those who hate the word GREAT as indeed I do too. Our cousins across the Atlantic Ocean seem to be more concerned about US banking losses in our ‘City’ right now. What a bunch of late developers! Weren’t they the people who woke up to the progress of fascism in the last war around 2 years after we did? Weren’t they the nation who bankrolled the IRA? or am I missing something here?For record I don’t want a SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP with America or anyone in Europe either so the isolation that these morons speak of is a good thing. The club that Angela & Sarko have created has the look of a few other clubs that I don’t really want to join too. I take the view that Europe is NOW isolated from us NOT the other way round. If for instance the French kids don’t like this new isolated island they can give up their cushy jobs and get back on the Eurostar. Personally I cannot any longer tolerate this nonsense about OUR failure to support the Euro experiment (for record we’ve been net contributors). It’s a toxic experiment that never got out of the laboratory. Fortunately DaveCam’s Eton chemistry lessons were attended whereas I suspect Clegg  went walk about for the Chem lessons at Westminster. Who knows? & frankly who cares?

The EURO is a d e a d z o n e.

I know…..I live in France. Lovely countryside just a great shame about all the paperwork and extraordinary prejudice shown to anyone foreign.,

It’s GREAT to be part of the COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS again. Now we can all get back to trading with anyone who wants to do honest business over the course of a proper working week.


For record not much happened in the exchange today. European bond yields went up & down and now everyone is trying to work out who will buy their next tranche of bonds. Don’t bother emailing me the details Angela or Sarko as I regret I don’t invest in laborious franchises. 

Message to Bloomberg…get real!  & stop being so typically late American.

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