You ginger git

Anger and haste hinder good counsel.

So says quote 40,600 of my i-phone app – 55,000 quotes.

I didn’t read through 40,599 quotes to get there and it’s not as though I have 14,400 still to go; there is a search function.  And I was searching the keyword: Haste.


Well, a couple of reasons really.  Firstly (and least importantly), I was standing with my dog, who is, admittedly, a bit shaggy, when two boys walked past.  One says to the other: ‘look at that shaggy dog’ and the other one, hilarious wag that he is, shouted ‘Oy, woofer, get a haircut.’

Now, I’m very proud of my dog and immediately shouted back ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, you ginger git… and don’t talk to my dog like that.’

Actually, I didn’t shout back at all.  But I certainly felt like it and those words, or something like them, would have been what I said.

But why?

The boy was just trying to by funny, he didn’t mean anything by it and yet I bristled like… well, like a porcupine.

It’s strange, but the very next week I was called by a client who was being threatened by a member of staff with a bullying case.  Apparently they’d cracked a joke about ‘tree hugging vegetarians’ without realising the bloke was one… a tree hugging vegetarian, that is.

He took offence at the joke and the whole thing blew up in my client’s face like a firework on a short fuse.

A week before I’d have thought: ‘what a numpty for getting so upset at that’.  But now I can see that a word said in haste can be taken completely the wrong way which, let’s face it, this one had been.

Anyway, we got the situation sorted out without too much further hassle and both parties have agreed to be a bit more careful – my client is going to take a deep breath before saying, well, anything, really, and the member of staff has promised to take a deep breath before assuming that any reference to the Worldwide Fund for Nature is a personal attack on his fundamental human rights.

You see, anger and haste really do hinder good counsel.

But it’s really difficult sometimes.  My husband, sassanach eejit that he is, is really bad.  We were at a ceilidh on Sunday evening and the compere was asking for a few more men on the floor.

My husband immediately said to the guy next to him (whom he didn’t know) ‘they’re asking for a few more men, but not to worry; you’ll do’

I mean, I ask you… what hope is there for peace in the world?

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