The bigot in the restaurant

I wish I hadn’t overheard a guy in the restaurant earlier this evening but I did.

It was dinner time and I was already sitting down and tucking into my starter when a group of six people sat down at the table behind me. They were a group of colleagues attending a training course… that much I got from their conversation.

Apparently they weren’t enjoying it much. Perhaps I’d better tell Richard from Derigo and Enterprise Britain!

Anyway, their conversation turned as it’s wont to do over dinner and one voice became louder and louder with more and more outlandish opinions.

It started with the assertion that he ‘wasn’t prepared to get up a 6.30 in the morning to go to London without being paid overtime’ and went on to complain bitterly about his employer.

And then the conversation took a more serious turn as, in an attempt, I suspect, to change the subject his colleagues started talking about television programmes; namely Katie and Peter: the Next Chapter. Or at least something a bit similar to that.

Our friend from the table behind decided to tell the world that Peter Andre was ‘portrayed as a nice guy, which meant that he could get away with anything he liked’. Okay, not so bad, but then he let rip at Jordan.

Now Jordan (or Katie Price) is not my favourite person in the world, but I can’t say I know her (or indeed have ever met her) so I wouldn’t presume to pass judgement on her… at least not in public and certainly not in a busy restaurant.

But this guy did. ‘Jordan shouldn’t be allowed to have children. In fact, I’d have her sterilised.’

And by some freak but inevitable twist of fate the restaurant fell quiet and his words drifted across the silence in all their glory.

But instead of quelling his appetite for outrageous statements, it simply made him more outrageous, until one of his colleagues told him to shut up and he flounced off… I’m not kidding: he flounced, much to the relief of everyone, not least, me!

So, all this may be unpleasant but what has it got to do with HR.

Well, I’m going to make some assumptions of my own here… although I don’t think it’s too much of a leap. This guy would complain like crazy, probably only to his colleagues and not to the right people, if he thought he was being put upon or treated in a way that was going to jeopardize his own life, income, free time etc.

He is also the sort of person who is indiscreet when away. I know which company he works for, the fact that he doesn’t like it, that they treat him unfairly and that he won’t stand for it.

Worse than that, though, I will forever associate this company with the sterilisation of Jordon.

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