Sometimes it’s hard to recruit

You wouldn’t think it, in this day and age would you?

But it can be hard to recruit.  At least it can be hard to recruit the right person.  And let’s face it, recruiting the wrong person to a small team like ours in EB is a disastrous situation.

They’ll upset the rest of the team; motivation and productivity will drop and then they’ll leave anyway, which means you’ll have to go through the really expensive recruitment process all over again.

As a little aside, I was watching the local news last night here in the Midlands.  There was a feature about a guy who was starting a new Jarrow March… except it was from Stourbridge (or somewhere like it) and it was students who were marching, not more mature men whose manufacturing jobs had disappeared.  Anyway, he was marching because he couldn’t get a job.

There were 2 interesting things about the news piece.  The first was that whereas the famous march had many thousands of men, this one had 5… (5, not 5,000).

The second thing was that, when the reporter introduced the piece he talked about a university graduate who was unable to get any sort of job, whether it was in his chosen line of work, which was archaeology or something, or stacking shelves.

Cut to the graduate.  Well, I say graduate.  Long-haired lout is a more accurate description.  My first thought was ‘get a haircut’… my second was: ‘can’t get a job?  Don’t blame the market place, government, environment, economy or El Niño, look in the mirror!’

Harsh, but I can’t help it!

Anyway.  I’m trying to employ someone at the moment.  I advertised and didn’t get the right person apply… or, more accurately, I did, but couldn’t afford their salary.  I tried a temp agency with a temporary 3 month contract on offer.  The lady they sent was brilliant, but got a permanent job after a week.  The next temp they sent didn’t turn up.

I mean, how hard can it be to employ someone?

The answer is, obviously, very hard.

My own problem is that I’m looking for some very particular skills and someone who will fit into the ethos of the team and there aren’t that many of them about.  However, I refuse to employ someone who doesn’t fit the bill.

They will be detrimental to my business and cost me more than if I start again…

So, now I have 2 choices; begin the process from scratch, or take a cash flow hit and pay a bit (actually, quite a lot) more for the excellent candidate.

I’ll keep you posted.

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