Passionate About Politics

I wish I was passionate enough to really get into politics but I’m not.

Or rather, I am, but I wouldn’t know which party to join because I think there are elements of the ridiculous about both.  Sorry, of course, I meant there are elements of the ridiculous about their policies.

Having said that, I have to say I find Red Ed and his pretend cabinet more ridiculous than True Blue Dave and his mixed bag… at least for the moment.

Of course, this all at the forefront of my mind at the moment because I’m writing this blog the day after the Autumn Statement and on the day of the Public Sector strike… which is also, in my opinion, ridiculous.  And I say that from an HR point of view.

Okay, I understand the human element to all this and it’s tough at the moment.  But it’s tough for everyone and to me it seems as though the strikes are more about a political agenda than protecting workers rights.

I was listening to Mark Serwotka, the General Secretary of the PCS, this morning saying things like: ‘The rich have to pay more; they have broad shoulders.’

Saint Vince (Cable) says pretty much the same thing and I fundamentally disagree with both.

If they said: ‘The rich must pay their fair share’ then I’d be right with them.  But they don’t.  Saint Vince always extols the virtues of redistributing wealth from the rich (defined, I believe, as those people with £100,000+ income) to the poor.


Once again, let me stress the words fair share because, of course when charged as a percentage the higher earners will pay more.

But redistribution, to me, is simply a brake on effort.  For example, when should a business person work their butt off (as most of do in Enterprise Britain) to build a business and reap the rewards of our own labour, employing a few people on the way, paying income tax, corporation tax, VAT, sometimes Capital Gains tax and a myriad of other levies.

Now, as a business person myself, I’m quite happy to pay (that’s not quite true; I fully accept and am willing to pay) everything I’m due to pay.  What I am not willing to do is pay over and above what I should be fairly asked to contribute to redistribute wealth.

My final word in this particular rant is this: sometimes I stop and have a full and frank discussion with the protestors selling the newspaper Socialist Worker.  I always ask them what the alternative is to austerity and getting the national debt under control.

Not one of the blue haired crew can offer me a credible answer.

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