Now and then

I have had a couple of perspectives on Health and Safety and how ridiculous it all is.

My parents are getting new loft insulation installed.


Except they moved into their bungalow in 1964 and have pretty much bunged everything they never wanted in the loft instead of throwing it away.

However, it has been fascinating sorting it out, especially coming across the old pictures, especially of my ol’ Nan and Grandad from the 1920s and 30s.

Now my old Nan (or Nana, to give her correct family title), apparently, once was a young woman, even though I seriously believed she came into the world as a fully formed old person, with a bit of a silly perm, grey her and in need of a shave.

But, no, I now have documentary proof that she was a young woman and a strikingly good looking young woman at that.  It’s strange that in the pictures from the 20s, she was clearly a fashionable lady with very long hair, all done up all Princess Leia like.  By the 1930s, she was much more like the lady I remembered, with short hair.

What had happened?

Well, she worked in a munitions factory, making shells for the re-arming of Britain.  One day, she caught her long hair in the machinery and it pulled a fair clump of it out, along with a decent sized piece of scalp, too.

Of course, she sued the company for all it was worth… didn’t she?

No.  It was only because she was well regarded that they didn’t fire her on the spot for being stupid.  But they did make her cut her hair very short so it wouldn’t happen again.

Okay, so that’s one end of the spectrum, let’s look at the other.

I was working in a business last week and the room I often used as meeting place was (quite literally) boarded up, with no entry signs… just like the Police lines on CSI Miami (or New York, or Las Vegas, or LA, or any of the other variations).

What on earth has happened?

Apparently a painter was decorating the room and, in the process, freed the mechanism on a window that slid open.  Now, the bottom of the window window was about 18 inches from the floor and it did open wide, which meant the room had to be shut off so something couldn’t accidentally fall out of the window, in case it was left open?  My client was arranging for a builder to come in and put a bar and cage across the window itself, as they’d been advised to do by the council’s H & S Officer!

Is it me?

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