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It doesn’t happen very often, but I thought I would gloat a little bit, following last week’s blog, in which I suggested that Rupert Murdoch might be a bit out of touch by declaring Rebekah Brooks was his most important priority, rather than sorting out the mess he finds his business in.

Not that I particularly wanted to write about News Corp again, but it’s pretty difficult not to at the moment, with the press ravening in a feeding frenzy that is remarkable even for our hacks.

The reason for my gloating?

I was listening to Pienaar’s Politics, a programme on Radio 5 Live, Sunday evening, during which a Lib Dem politician made exactly the same point, probably after reading my blog, I would imagine.

The problem is, my gloating was short lived because, during the same programme a statement from Sir Paul Stevenson, Metropolitan Police Commissionaire (or in Sun speak, Britain’s top cop) was broadcast, during which he made an eloquent and very dignified explanation of a few issues and then promptly resigned.

Another one bites the dust, it would seem.

The problem is, by all accounts, sir Paul has been doing a great job.  He was seen as a man of integrity, with a united management team, crime rates falling and well respected all he has dealings with.

And London has lost him to the bloody ‘phone hacking scandal.  And he won’t be the last.  Others will go… some of who deserve to and some of whom who don’t.

It’s so frustrating and so unfair on us ordinary folk.

You see, like most people I had no interest in this story while it seemed to be affecting a few politicians and over privileged sports people (which, I know, is just a little hypocritical) but when it started affecting ordinary people who had already suffered horribly, that’s when it really started to get to me.

And now, the alleged mal practices are making our streets less safe… and that’s not on.

I was thinking about this more on Sunday night.  And the real issue is, the story has shown how divorced from the real world the press and political classes are.  It’s sad… they don’t really understand what we (ordinary mortals) think and feel about things and we don’t care about them until what they do starts impacting on us directly.

Like I said last week: where’s it all going to end?  There has to be changes for all our sakes.

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