My son the hero

I guess every parent is proud of their children, but in a general sort of way… after all we produced those wonderful (but often annoying) human beings.

But this week I have more reason than usual to be proud of my son, for a very specific reason.

On Monday he was walking to school as usual. His route takes him over a long foot/cycle bridge, which has a couple of steep slopes. At the bottom of the furthest slope he came across one of his friends lying in a heap, his bike buried in the hedge, crying quite badly.

My 11 year old boy picked him up, with great care, retrieved his bike, found his bag and carried the boy to school (along with bag and bike) and deposited him at the school office, where his dad picked him up and took him to hospital. His wrist and arm was broken in 2 places.

Of course, I am bursting with pride at what my son did, his resourcefulness and his unselfishness.

But when I talked to him more about what happened I became amazed and then angry…

It turns out that the boy had fallen off his bike and had been lying at the foot of the slope for about fifteen minutes and at least five other people had walked passed before Adam came to the rescue… and two of them were adults!

There are all kinds of reason they might not have stopped… not least amongst which is the potential allegation that they had somehow acted improperly, but I don’t see it.

Those people didn’t stop because they didn’t want to be involved. They didn’t want to help. They might have been late… so they left an 11 year old boy in a heap on the floor, crying.

It doesn’t take David Cameron’s Big Society (whatever that means) to see that there was a moral obligation to help and that anyone, any employer would have understood… even wanted them to help.

Wouldn’t they?

I ask myself the question and I’m not sure.

Surely they would!

Wouldn’t they?

I am very proud of my son, though… at least he knew the right thing to do.

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