Hotels for Sad People

I thought it was interesting that the hotel I’m staying in caters specifically for sad people.

Unfortunately it would seem that I fall into that category… a sad person.

You see, I finished my day’s work and got back to where I was staying to carry on with the rest of my work.  At about 7 I got hungry and decided to use the hotel’s restaurant.  So I set off with a book in hand, my i-pod and not a little trepidation.

Of course, I was made to wait whilst they found me a table in the almost entirely empty eatery (which was themed in a very unconvincing style as a rustic French bistro).

Eventually they showed me to my table for one, which had been empty all the time I waited.

At this point I have a question for you.  How many traditional French bistros do you know of that have tables for one that contain a television for the diner’s personal use?

Well, this one did.

I was installed in a booth with the table and single chair angled slightly inwards (I wasn’t quite sure if this was so I didn’t have to engage with any of the other diners or to make sure that I, as a sad git, was safely out of sight to those people with more normal lives and friends) and a television screen together with a pair of headphones, just to make sure I was kept entirely separate.

To be entirely honest I kind of know the reasoning behind the booths for one… you know, business women on a work trip, on their own…

The problem is, a single booth for a sad git just made me feel, well, like a sad git… alienated.

It’s a coincidence because I was delivering a seminar today which was attended by a lady who is profoundly deaf.  She was supported by 2 guys who signed for her… and it all worked very well.  But previous training sessions hadn’t gone so well apparently.

At an earlier course the lady and her two signers were ‘allocated’ a separate table, which just made her feel different and an object of ridicule.

And I can see why she would feel like that.  I felt a small proportion of how she must have been feeling earlier this evening; I felt as though I was being looked at and people were making judgements about me and my life, just because I was sitting in a booth with a TV.

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