I may be talking about the drayman delivering beer to the pub next door, but I’m not really talking about his body or, indeed, his looks… even though they may have been very nice… to other women, of course.

I’m thinking about ‘fit for purpose’ in terms of his political correctness.

Now, I’m not a feminist by any stretch of the imagination; I do believe in equality, but I believe that equality has to be based on ability not on quotas such as the 30% Club are trying to achieve… have a look at this article in The Guardian for the story.

However, if someone calls me ‘love’ in a condescending sort of way then it’s a bit like a red rag to bull… I’m sorry to say.

Let me explained.

My office is next door to a pub.  To get to our car park you have to drive through the pub’s, which is a Right of Way.  This morning the beer lorry was blocking the right of way.  No one was about so I gave my horn the lightest of toots (toot?) to let them know I was there.

They drayman stuck his head out of the kitchen, with his steaming mug of coffee in hand, and said, ‘You can toot all ye like, LOVE, but the lorry’s nae moving for the next 10 minutes!’  He was Scottish.

Not Earth shattering, but really bloody annoying, since he was blocking a right of way… which I told him in no uncertain terms.

He moved the lorry.

Now, this is all pretty harmless, but some people are likely to take a bit more offence than I did, so workers do have to be careful…

Like the builder who was working at a call centre where I was doing some work.

The HR department, like so many where the offices are pretty full, was in a Portacabin in the car park.  That meant, to get a decent supply of water for the coffee machine we had to take in turns in filling up a couple of pitchers… I think you can see where this is going.

A rather well endowed lady worked in the HR department and it was her turn to fill both the water containers.  On her return to the office, a builder was heard to shout ‘nice jugs, love.’

Ah… big mistake.  The lady was incensed, complained to the site foreman and, since the company had a zero tolerance for that sort of thing, the guy got the sack.

Personally, I think it was harsh.  After all, what might have happened to the guy’s family, if he had one?  Did his children suffer?  Did his wife leave him?  We don’t know.

But then he shouldn’t have made the ‘jugs’ comment… his employer had warned him.

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