Big Balls

Ah, now, I know what you’re thinking, and it’s not that at all!

In fact, it’s about Peter in our office and what he said to me (and it’s still not what you’re thinking.)  (Although it may be true… I have no way of knowing… and never want to know!)

Back to the story.

We’re busy right now and Peter said to me that he felt his workload was like a massive ball chasing him down a hill and no matter how hard he ran he couldn’t get away from it.

Even worse, Peter said, was that he felt that he had to take bigger and bigger strides as he ran down hill.

Now, I can remember running down-hill when I was small.  (Actually, I’m still small… what I meant to say was: when I was younger).  And it only ends one way…

In a horrible mess, with arms and legs in a tangle and mouth full of grass; and that’s before the massive ball passes overhead.

It always makes me smile when I’m watching a film and someone is being chased down-hill… they just keep going until the inevitable happens.  You’d think they would have learned the lesson by now, wouldn’t you?

What is the lesson?

Well, if you’re running down-hill like a mad thing, you need one of two things to happen to avoid a horrible fall and hospitalisation.  You need: either a safety net at the bottom of the slope or, more sensibly, to change direction.

Back to Peter.  His workload is big at the moment and, for the foreseeable future, is going to stay just as challenging.  His safety net could be me, but that ain’t going to happen ‘cos I’m just as busy as he is so his one choice to avoid disaster is to change direction.

The problem is, when you’re being chased by a big ball you don’t think straight and you need someone to help you, probably by shouting something like ‘oy, over here, you can get out of the way!’

In Peter’s case he needs to re-prioritise his workload, get rid of what can be gotten rid of and re-organise himself a bit.

To wrap this blog up and to give it the HR spin I was trying to get to… Peter needs some guidance to become better equipped to get through the workload.  And that’s my job as the boss. Actually, it’s my job to spot the enormous ball and help Peter get out of the way before it crashes into him!

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