Going the extra mile

My good friend and professional colleague Donovan Goodman rang me yesterday with that sound in his voice. It’s a sound I’ve come to recognise as indication of his almost unbridled excitement. In the majority of cases it’s almost always something to do with yet another discovery he’s made whilst trawling the Internet and most likely to do with Social Media or online marketing.

“Have you heard of autoquake.com?!” he demanded.

“Nope” was my honest reply.

Well apparently I’ve been living under a (digital) rock because autoquake.com is one of the most successful car trader websites on this planet.

Now at this point I probably should confess that, like Don, I’ve got a rather childish weakness for anything with four wheels and a big engine. I can’t help it, it’s just always been like that and I’ve finally given up apologising for it. So when Don told me that he’d found the most amazing website for pre-owned car sales I was interested – but what made me even more curious was why he thought this website was really that good.

In a very quick description I learned that autoquake.com does things very differently.

Firstly, it supplies huge volumes of valuable information about each vehicle… and I mean massive amounts. For starters, there are anything up to forty photographs of each vehicle, showing you exactly what it’s like, even including detailed images of any faults, like scratches or stone chips. There are images of the actual tread on each tyre so you know what condition they are in. Then you get more images, this time of each page of the log book, MOT certificates, etc.

Essentially you get to see exactly what the vehicle is like – and how often have you looked at a car advert, or any advert (and some eBayers are seriously guilty of this), where the images are just so bad you’ve got no idea of the product?!

Going even further than this autoquake.com make it really easy for you to reserve a vehicle and will deliver it to your door, together with a host of simple and honest full-satisfaction guarantees. In other words they give us, as the consumer, everything we could possibly want to know about the car we might be interested in buying. What a refreshing change and what a simple way to create total trust – no wonder they are massively successful!

The point to all this is very simple and hopefully very obvious to you already.

Here’s an example of a business that has dared to be totally different. They’ve responded to what we as consumers actually want to know and they’ve then gone one step further… they’ve exceeded our expectations. As a result they’ve clearly grabbed that marketplace by the ball-joints and shown that it can be different.

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