Shalini in, Dirk out, rules Mr. Angry

Despite discovering Mr. Angry, and turning him into an international star, Dirk van Dijl has been told by Mr. Angry that he is being replaced.

And she’s gorgeous” announces Mr. Angry.

We are talking about Shalini Khemka, 38, CEO, The London Entrepreneurial Exchange (“LEE”), which was set up in London last week.

“No other business trade body explicitly serves the needs of entrepreneurs” says Shalini, who is investment director at Lloyds Banking Group private equity arm.

Mr. Angry is impressed that it will be a lobbying body: “a voice for entrepreneurs in the corridors of power.”

Mr. Angry has put his name down for “one of the regular dinners hosted by LEE board members.”

At a meeting of the Enterprise Britain board this weekend Mr. Angry was asked:

“Does LEE offer more than EB?” Answer: “No”.

“Is Shalini have more experienced than Dirk? Answer. “No”.

“ Is Shalini more talented than Dirk?” Answer “No”.

So why is Mr. Angry defecting?

“She has big k*******s” is the reason he gave.

Shalini                                                                                             Mr. Angry

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