Och aye, Mr. Angry is angry

On 4 November 2011 it is expected that Murdo Fraser will become the new leader of the Scottish Conservatives. Fraser blames Margaret Thatcher for the situation north of the border. Let Mr. Angry explain matters for you.

“Here. The Scots Conservatives ‘ave one MP in Westminster and in the May 2011 elections won only 15 out of 129 seats in the Scottish Parliament. Bleedin’ poor that.”

Mr. Fraser is suggesting that the Scottish Party is abolished and replace it with a new party. This would idolise Dave (for which he will be ecstatic) and try to save the union.  It would also support withdrawal from the common fisheries policy.

Mr. Angry suggests they talk to their Welsh brothers because there is a growing nationalistic fervour in the principality as their economy struggles along in bottom position.

The names suggested for the proposed Scottish Party include Scottish reform, Scottish Unionists and Scottish Progressives.

Mr. Angry suggests they call themselves the Scottish Porridge Oats.

“Good name aye? They’ll end in a stodge anyway.”

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