Mr. Angry’s Summer Quiz

Mr. Angry is having his annual week’s holiday at Butlins and has set a quiz which he hopes will entertain his many admirers. Mrs. Angry is presently playing bingo.

Question One:

In the YouGuv/Sun poll conducted on 18 August what was Labour’s lead over the Conservatives?  a) 4 points  b) 7 points  c) 9 points

Question Two:

Put these countries in order in terms of secong quarter GDP growth: Germany, Italy, UK

Question Three:

How many UK citizens pay the top rate of tax? 100,000,  300,000,  600,000?

Question Four:

What is German’s biggest export sector?


One: 9 points (Labour 44%, Conservative 35%, Lib-Dem 9%)

Mr. Angry says: “Yea…well done Ed. Get rid of that toffee-nosed Cameron…yea…”

Two: Italy 0.3%, UK 0.2%, Germany 0.1%

Mr. Angry says: Yea….well done Italy…ah? I thought they were bust.

Three: 300,000

Mr. Angry says: “Not bl***y enough”

Four: Motor vehicles and parts

Mr. Angry says nothing. He has gone to the pub.

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