Mr. Angry sues

Unfortunately, a private email which referred to “an increasingly sanguine Mr. Angry”, was wrongly copied to…you’ve guessed…Mr. Angry. Once he had been able to find out what the word ‘sanguine’ meant, he was incensed.

“Look” he screamed at Mrs. Angry as she was turning the mangle, “it suggests optimism.” After another two pints Mr. Angry began to consolidate his thoughts.

“Mrs. Angry” he cried. “This could destroy me. I am going to sue.”

So please note that Mr. Angry is even more angry about –

The Eurozone: “It’s the bloody French who are the problem.”

St. Paul’s Cathedral: “Let them protest against the capitalists”

Andrew Lansley: “Why has my doctor removed me from his list?”

(to be continued)

Mr. Angry has just discovered that the original email was sent by a respected London based corporate finance solicitor.

“On second thoughts perhaps I am sanguine” said Mr. Angry. “It makes me sound intelligent.”

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