Mr. Angry sends a message to Britain

Mr. Angry is very angry. Britain is not supporting its political parties.

The Conservatives are £2.8m in debt, Labour owe £16.6m and the Lib-Dems are too poor to tell anybody. Party membership is falling across the country.

Mr. Angry is so cross he wrote to his MP. He replied saying the UK should adopt the German system whereby the parties are state funded by up to one third of their expenditure. France, Australia and Canada centrally fund their Parties.

Mr. Angry went ballistic on reading his MP’s response.

“Use MY money to pay those lazy, *****,*****,lot. Forget it.”

“Why not use the National Lottery funds?” asks Mr. Angry.

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  1. 8 June, 2011 at 10:57

    Why should lottery money be used to fund political parties? I thought lottery money was supposed to be used for good causes. neither should thye be funded by the taxpayers (Mr Angry’s German friend fell into the trap of believing the state has money, when the only money a state has it has from taxpayers).
    If the political parties cannot raise sufficient funds for their needs then EITHER they should reduce their expenditure (ie cuts such as those being taken, supposedly, to Government expenditure, only they would need real cuts to make the party books balance OR they should listen to their supporters and change their policies so their supporters will resume funding the party. If they do the latter then Mr Angry might even rejoin and pay his subs once more.
    At present there are only two things voters can do to persuade a party to change its policies. One is to vote for another party (but we can only do that once every five years). The other is to withhold cash (and that we can do at any time, so why not start now?)

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