Mr. Angry rings the bell

Mr. Angry spent the last weekend in Aberdovey on the west coast of Wales. This Cardigan Bay estuary fishing village is the site of a ‘Time and Tide Bell’ as shown in the pictures below.

This is a national venture based on the permanent installation of the bells at the high tide mark at a number of diverse sites around the UK. The rise of the sea as the tide comes in moves the clapper to strike the bell. As the effect of global warming increases the periods of the bell strikes will become more frequent. The project is the brainchild of sculptor Marcus Vergette.

The first bell was located at Appledore in Devon, the second on the Isle of Lewes in the Hebrides, the third is in the Thames estuary near Greenwich and Aberdovey is the fourth.

Mr. Angry was overjoyed as the bell was officially launched.

“Some bigwig spoke for hours but I’d got a pint from the Britannia pub. This ecology thing really impresses me. The pint was free.”

The two pictures above show the launch party including (centre of three) Marcus Vergette the originator and sculptor. As the crowds watched the local fishermen were taking their boats out of the harbour because of the approaching winds from Hurricane Katia.


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  1. 14 September, 2011 at 10:12

    Too long to wait for the global warning but it will help everyone know when it is time to get over the Dyfi bar; thats the line of sand in the estuary, not the Brittania.
    Halcyon days, double marching down to that wharf from the Outward Bound School through 2″ of snow.

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