Mr. Angry isn’t

“Dear Editor (aka Dirk),


I must apologise in advance but this week I am not angry. I accept that is a breach of my contract but I must be true to myself.


The Coalition Government has done something good.

The Homes and Community Agency is investing up to £500 million in a new housing scheme, which I think (and Mrs. Angry agrees), will help lots of people. Buyers of new homes can apply for a loan of up to 20% of the purchase price providing they put down a cash deposit of 5% and qualify for a 75% mortgage. The loan is interest free for five years. Up to 10,000 people are expected to benefit. Only buyers whose income is less than £60,000pa are eligible to apply. The maximum property price is £300,000 although there is some flexibility. The scheme is expected to start in September this year.


I rest my case Mr. Editor. This is good news.


Yours respectfully


Mr. Angry

I. M. Angry

Editor’s note. Mr. Angry is owner and CEO of ‘Angry Housing Agents’ which specialises in finding properties priced under £300,000.





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