Mr. Angry is pole axed – by a woman

A serious rift has developed between Enterprise Britain (“EB”) blogger Tony Drury and his alter ego Mr. Angry.

This follows last week’s publication by Drury of his views about women on the board of directors. The editor had questioned the wisdom of airing the topic but pig-headed Drury ploughed ahead.

Lying in wait was Kathryn Bullock, one of EB’s most respected contributors, herself an award winning business entrepreneur and a fierce defender of the role of women in commercial.

In a brilliantly scripted article titled ‘How do we change the recruitment of UK boards?’ she destroyed Drury’s rhetoric aided by withering phrases such as “you did not mean this did you Tony?” and “was this merely a slip of the tongue…”

But as Kathryn warmed to her subject she humbled the male blogger by suggesting his words were “part of a subconscious bias many incumbent UK FTSE board directors.”

Mr. Angry was incensed. He loves all women. He sent flowers to Kathryn and then turned his venom on the shaking and fearful blogger.

“What I was trying to suggest” pleaded the accused “was that a mandatory requirement for women to occupy board positions might…”

“Enough” ordered Mr. Angry.

A legal agreement has now been executed which prohibits Drury ever again mentioning, except in the most complimentary terms, women, in his blog.

Mr. Angry is well pleased.

“Now we know who is the boss” he whispered that evening to Mrs. Angry as they opened a second bottle of Beaujolais.

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