Mr. Angry is kept waiting

A decision by Mr. Angry to read a national newspaper led to a rather painful experience.

He was absorbing the shocking news that Dave’s five NHS pledges are already collapsing. Figures from the Department of Health have revealed that between April and June this year the number of patients waiting in A & E Departments for more than four hours has doubled when compared to the same period a year earlier.

The Government target had been reduced by Health Minister Andrew Lansley but that did not help. Nor did further statistics showing that patients waiting more than six weeks for key NHS tests had almost quadrupled in a year.

Mr. Angry was furious with these facts. In telling Mrs. Angry that he would raise 100,000 signatures and get the Commons to debate the matter he locked his jaw wide open.

He was seen in his local emergency department after a wait of six hours, seventeen minutes.

“I suppose you’re a statistic now” commented Mrs. Angry.

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